Saturday, May 14, 2016

Three days in Copenhagen

You can find many similar (and better) guides on the web. This is my small contribution, mainly for reference purposes.

We had a very nice hotel, Absalon Hotel, close to the Central Station (a couple of minutes away on foot). This was probably not the most interesting and/or beautiful neighborhood, but it was definitely convenient.

In my opinion, you don't necessarily need the CityPass or the Copenhagen Card. As for us, we mainly walked. A lot. We also used an electric bike on the first day, for 2-3 hours. That was really fun (I highly recommend it). We also used the train, the metro and Uber (see below).

We managed to pay everything using our credit cards. No cash at all. That was somewhat unexpected. At some point, we wanted to take the bus, but they didn't accept credit cards inside the bus and there was no ticket machine at the bus stop. We ended up using Uber, which was not too expensive compared to the bus. Note for next time: use the smartphone app for train, metro, and bus tickets.

Day 1 (May 4)
Day 2 (May 5)
  • Train from Copenhagen Central Station to Helsingør (53 minutes)
  • Kronborg Castle (gorgeous castle in Helsingør; yes, the 1-hour trip is worth it) (photos)
  • Ogier the Dane / Holger Danske (in the castle; don't miss it, it's in the basement!)
  • Train from Helsingør to Humlebæk (11 minutes)
  • Lunch: at the museum (pretty good)
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (if you like modern and contemporary art, this is an absolutely fantastic place!) (photos)
  • Train back from Humlebæk to Nørreport (36 minutes)
  • Round Tower / Rundetaarn (we didn't go inside; the view is probably far better from Vor Frelsers Kirke anyway)
  • Grabrodretorv (nice square for a drink before dinner)
  • Dinner: Sole D'Italia (very small restaurant on Grabrodretorv, good Italian food)
  • Tivoli Gardens (a bit too expensive, but I guess you have to see it ; if you're not particularly interested in the rides / attractions, go there during the evening)
Day 3 (May 6)
That's it. We loved Copenhagen and I'm pretty sure we'll visit it again in the future.

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